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Digital Printing Machine Product ; Flexo Printing Press, Rotogravure Printing Press, Coil Rewinder / Doctoring Machine, Flexo Graphic Printing Press, Hot Stamping Foils, Rotogravure Cum Lamination Machine, Slitter Rewinder. Digital Printing Machine for Banner Coated paper, Folding Carton, Aluminum foil, Films and Self-adhesive Labels, Rubber, Glasses, Textile, etc.

Digital Printing Machine Infinity FY-3206S

Digital Printer Infinity FY-3206S is printing machine with drop on demand Piezo head, Seiko SPT510 nozzles made in Japan. These printer has Optical Fiber Data Interface
which work as utilized to obtain all-the-way shield for more speedy and safer data transmission.

The FY-3206S digital printing with his Automated Print-head Maintenance will help the owner to kept their printing machine (printheads) always clean, because the auto selfcleaning system, Anti-Clogging Flash and capping station working when the printer is idle.

Digital Printer Infiniti FY-3206S was designed delicately by using alloy-aluminum platform. On the printing machine FY-3206S, The function of skipping white space is added to increase productivity.

Digital Printing FY-3206S features an advanced ink supply system to ensures stable ink flow and smooth printing (low ink detector, auto or manual ink supply system) with Ink type "solvent ink".

With FY-3206S printer machine, the user can use them for various types of media like Frontlit, Backlit, Vinyl, Polyester, Window Film, Mesh, Leather, Backlit Film, Blue Back Paper.

These digital printing machine has compatible RIP Software with Photo-print, Ultra-print, Topaz, Wasatch, Caldera, Maintop. The Printer Infinity FY-3206S also Provided a Heating System such as Pre/Post Heater, Cooling Fan System.

Others specification of digital printing FY-3206S are :
  • Number of print head: 6 heads
  • Maximum printing width: 3,200mm (125.98")
  • Printing speed: 180 x 540dpi 3 pass: 50sqm/h, 240 x 540dpi 3pass: 43sqm/h, 240 x 720dpi 4pass: 32sqm/h, 360 x 540dpi 6pass: 22sqm/h, 360 x 720dpi 8pass: 16sqm/h
  • Ink color: cyan, magenta, yellow, black,light cyan, light magenta
  • Dimension & Weight of Printer FY-3206S; L4,440mm X W770mm X H1,280mm 430KG.

On the digital printing machine FY-3206S, The voltage of the print-head will automatically adjustable to the temperature to prevents blockage caused by the change of temperature.


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At April 19, 2010 at 9:34 PM, Blogger grace said...

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