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Digital Printing Machine Product ; Flexo Printing Press, Rotogravure Printing Press, Coil Rewinder / Doctoring Machine, Flexo Graphic Printing Press, Hot Stamping Foils, Rotogravure Cum Lamination Machine, Slitter Rewinder. Digital Printing Machine for Banner Coated paper, Folding Carton, Aluminum foil, Films and Self-adhesive Labels, Rubber, Glasses, Textile, etc.

Digital Printing Machine (TeckPro S3200)

Teckwin Development Co., Ltd is a big company in Shanghai, China which developing in the manufactures and supports large and grand format UV and solvent inkjet printing systems, including TeckStorm, TeckSmart, TeckUV, TeckRouter, TeckPro, TeckStone. One of their product is digital printing machine TeckPro S3200.

The TeckPro S3200 is a digital printing that offering Resolution up to 540dpi. This machine has fitted with industry leading Spectra Nova head technology, That's meaning the TeckPro S3200 are proven with Solvent ink printing and provide troublefree and fast printing.

Digital printing machine from China mostly sell in the market with cheap prices than others product such as made in India, Japan, Germany and American company. The printing machine TeckPro S3200 can be purchased with CMYKLcLm or for faster output the CCMMYK option can be chosen.

The digital printing machine TeckPro S3200 features a unique LED system for simple alignment of materials when printing double-sided image's banners. The LEDs system cleverly illuminate from the back when you are lining up the second side to ensure your print ends up correctly aligned before using.

The printing machine TeckPro S3200 has provided an Automatic Print Head Maintenance System and Negative Pressure System for Automatic Continuous Ink Supply. With this machine, the user can use them for various types of media such as banner, vinyl, mesh, flexface, fabrics etc and all are expertly handled by the media control system.

Printing Speed of digital printing machine TeckPro S3200 :
  • 312 sqft/hr / 29m2/hr (8 pass);
  • 409 sqft/hr / 38m2/hr (6 pass);
  • 581 sqft/hr / 54m2/hr (4 pass);

Others specification or product description of digital printing machine TeckPro S3200 you can see on our list bellow :
  • Offers Both Roll to Roll and Multiple Roll Printing;
  • 6 Colors: C/M/Y/K/LC/LM;
  • 3.2m Maximum Print Width;
  • Platform System for Mesh Printing;
  • Built-in Bulk Ink Delivery System (2 Liters / Color) with Audible Low Ink Level Signal;
  • Complete Heating & Drying System:
  • Pre-heating, Post-heating, Auxiliary Heating and Cooling Fans;
  • Option: Heavy Duty Re-Winder and External Media Take-Up.
  • Dimensions (Assembled): 16.57' [L] x 2.43' [W] x 5.35' [H] (5.05mx0.74mx1.63m);

The standard media feed system on digital printing machine TeckPro S3200 can handle roll stock weighing up to 120kg and the stock retains a constant tension right through the printer until it is on the standard take-up roll.


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At April 12, 2010 at 9:06 PM, Blogger grace said...

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